LED vs LCD Display – explanations

We see lately that the displays are named as LCD and LED, but actually there are all LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displays. So we begin with this idea to explain the differences between these display types. But we don’t gonna explain the principle of how they work, but how to recognize the display types and the main differences.

The main difference between this display types is the backlight. The displays that we call “LCD”, are actually called CCLF (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) beause of the type of the backlight. They as backlight use one or more Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (that are very similar like neon lights but are very small). The  Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps work on a high voltage and that’s why the CCLF displays have a so called “Inverter” – device that produce high voltage for supplying the CCLF lamps.

On the picture we have one ccfl lamp.

The LED displays are the same as the CCLF LCD, but here the beacklight is a series of white LED diodes instead of the CCFL lamps. The main advantage of this types of displays is that here there is no need of inverter because the LED diodes work on low voltage. Also, the power dissipation of this type of displays is very low.

Next we gonna see the difference in the design of this display types.

On the next picture is shown CCFL LCD display.

A s we see from the picture, the electronic board is on the top side of the display. With “Data” is assigned the connector where we attach the flat cable. With “High Voltage” we assign the jack that we connect to the output of the inverter.

On the next picture is shown LED LCD display.

As we see from the picture the electronic board at this display in on the bottom. There is only one connector, assigned with “Data” on the picture, but actually with the same cable is distributed also the power supply voltage for the LED diodes.

There are two types of LED LCD displays assuming the position of the connector, who can be on the left or the right side of the electronic board.

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