Ivy Bridge – Intel’s 22nm CPU’s

The third generation i-series processors from Intel are based on a 22nm technology. Unlike the previous generation (Sandy Bridge), who was based, on 32nm technology, here we have decrease of the transistor’s dimension. This is accomplished by using a Three-Gate MOSFET, also called “3D” MOSFET. Here we have a picture from a such MOSFET:

As we see from the picture, one transistor consist from one Gate, but three Sources and three Drains. Actually with this we have a three transistors with a common Gate. With this we achieve bigger packing density and can have more transistors on a smaller surface.

One other thing. With the transition from 32nm to 22nm, we can achieve higher frequencies for the same power dissipation.

Here we have a list from the Intel’s mobile processors. In the tables are given the specifications for all the processors.

  • M – Mobile processor
  • Q – Quad-core
  • U – Ultra-low power
  • X – ‘Extreme’

As we see from the tables, the specifications of the processors are great. Also the power consumption is very low.

Part from this processors was released in April 2012, and for the others will gonna need to wait until June.

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