After releasing Windows 8

On 26 October 2012 was released Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft.

Windows 8 operating system is announces as operating system primarily intended to be worked with touch screen display. So, here we  ask some questions?

  • How will the hardware manufacturers will respond to this?
  • How will the users accept this features?
  • Are we ready for Windows 8?
After the appearance of the tablets,  Microsoft considered that they will occupy the market and that they will replace the laptops, so they start to develop the Windows 8 operating system, who is intended to be installed on this types of devices. But the predictions was not realized and the tablets didn’t take the expected scales. The manufacturers continue to make the traditional laptops until now…
Now they are facing with a big dilemma. To continue to produce the traditional laptops as the users want or to produce devices as Microsoft intend?
Some of the companies make a compromise and produce devices that are hybrids between laptops and tablets. In the next video, ASUS presents the three new devices that will work on Windows 8. Let see the video:

Also the ACER have announced something similar in a very creative commercial:

Probably this style will follow all the leader manufacturers until the touchscreen replace the mouse and keyboard completely.

The users from the begging will use this devices as the traditional notebooks, but will time will start to use the touchscreen and it will become the basic for the future computers.

From the user’s view Windows 8 came very early, but from the Microsoft’s point of view the released the software little late, because the Android took over the market for the smart phones and tablets. But the time of Windows 8 will already begin.

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