ASUS X53S CPU cooler cleaning

The ASUS X53S that here gonna see, have a heating problem. The laptop shut down suddenly couple minutes after tuning on.

This laptop have a powerful CPU – Intel Core2Duo T8100 (max TDP = 35W). ┬áCombined with the dust collected on the CPU fan, the CPU temperature raise rapidly, and when will come to the certain maximum temperature, the laptop shut down automatically as a prevention of damaging the CPU.

The good thing of this model of ASUS (and the most other model of ASUS) is that you can access easy to the CPU fan. In this case, we only need to remove the bottom cover and we can see the CPU fan. This procedure we gonna see through pictures. This is the bottom of the laptop:

To remove the cover, we need to remove this screws:

After this, we remove the cover, and we have this picture:

There are three screws that we need to remove (assigned with the red circles), and the connector (assigned with blue square) for the power supply.

After removing the fan, we have this picture:

We can see from the picture that the opening is completely sealed with dust, the air could not circulate and the processor cannot be cooled. That’s why come to the overheating.

After cleaning the dust, we have this:

The fan also was damaged from the dust and we replace him with the new one.

Next we assemble the laptop and we are ready to work.

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  1. jheferson -  October 31, 2013 - 7:48 pm

    buenas tardes quisiera saber si es posible comprar una mainbord de la asus x53s lo que pasa esque sucede que se me quemo la mia y quiero comprar una. podria darme la informacion gracias.


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